Connect for free your WordPress with MDirector, the most advanced and simple marketing & SMS tool of the market.

Why integrate your WordPress with MDirector?

You will boost traffic towards your web, by communicating with your database the latest posts or contents you have published through effective email marketing campaigns.

  • NEW: Multi-language: the plugin is now compatible with WPML and allows sending newsletters for each language configured in the system.
  • NEW:  It allows to send test emails.
  • Free download of the plugin for your WordPress web.
  • Integrate your client database and send your email marketing & SMS campaign right away!
  • Synchronize your database in real-time
  • Automatically assign your subscribers to two specific lists in MDirector. One list for users who sign up to the weekly list and the other for users who sign up to the daily list.
  • Schedule to send automatically your newsletter with the content of your WordPress web, weekly or daily. The system will automatically select the content and send to your contacts. Save time and money with an effective management of your database!
  • You can put in your web a form / widget, editing the title and the description you want. Your users will start to subscribe to receive your content. Just as easy as it sounds!!

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    1. Create you MDirector account. Remember that with your free account you can send up to 5000 messages every month. If you already have an account you can continue with step 2.
    2. Start your session in MDirector account and go to Preferences > API Information. If you have a free account you can test the MDirector’s APIs for 15 days. If your account is Advanced or Premium you will have unlimited access to the API.
    3. Copy the values of consumer-key and consumer-secret
    4. Access the configuration tab of the plugin, enter your consumer-key and consumer-secret and click in save changes.
    5. Once you´ve done the 4 step, two lists will be automatically created in your MDirector account, One for users who sign up to the weekly list and the other for users who sign up to the daily list.


    Configuration of automatic emails with the updates of your blog

    1. Here choose the From name (Name that will appear in the message in the field From:)
    2. By default, weekly and daily lists emails are disabled. To activate automatically email just change to Activate. Fill out the form that will appear in the subject of the message, the time you want to schedule your emails and the day of the week, in the case of weekly list.
      NOTE: Although the email is disabled, the users can subscribe to the lists. In this way you can create campaigns directly in MDirector and send them to the subscribers of your blog.
    3. Next you can also select the categories that you want to exclude from the automatic campaigns.

    Subscription Form.

    1. Now you can put the form / widget in your blog. To do this, access Appearance > Widgets in the dashboard of your WordPress and drag the MDirector widget to the sidebar. You can edit a title and a description / explanation of what you want to appear on the top of the form and it´s ready! Your users can start to subscribe.
    2. In addition to the widget, you can use a shortcode to embed the subscription form in any page or post of your blog. To do that add [mdirector_subscriptionbox] to the content of any of your pages or posts.