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Send bulk mailing with a professional solution

With the Email Marketing software MDirector you will be able to communicate and increase customer loyalty sending your news through personalized emails thanks to an intrgrated Cross-Channel Marketing strategy.

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Create beautiful newsletters with our free responsive templates

MDirector provides over 100 free e-mail marketing and newsletter templates that can be easily customized to fit your specific needs. The templates have been created and designed by our expert creative team. Templates are mobile and desktop responsive. You can now streamline the...

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Analyzing the data of your campaigns is easier than ever

You can now easily and quickly see the analysis and reports of Email Marketing in real time. With the advanced reporting system you will not only see the openings, clicks, bounces of your campaigns, but also deeply analyze from which devices or which browser your emails are opened in order to...

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It's so easy to test things in digital marketing, it's a must.

If you want to improve the results of your campaigns you have to perform tests. Mdirector makes this task easy with our A/B Testing feature. Using our A/B Testing feature you will quickly verify which creativity or subject line works best and MDirector will automatically send the "winner"...

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Make sure users that don't want to be on the list are not on the list

One click un-subscription is not solely required by law in many countries, but it is the only way to responsibly manage permission based database. MDirector offers one click un-subscription on all the emails it sends and also automatically manages email marketing bounces in order to cause as...

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Email Marketing automation that makes your life easier

We know your time is money, so we want to help you optimize your time my automating some of the emails you send your clients and prospects.  MDirector auto-responder feature allows you to program a sequence of email marketing messages that gets sent to clients / prospects in an order and...

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Publish your message also on Facebook and Twitter

Do you want to increase the influence of your Email Marketing campaigns? MDirector has the solution. Marketers can amplify email marketing campaigns by publishing these on social networks with our integrated Facebook and Twitter plugin. You will be able to easily publish your messages on...

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Make sure your emails hit the inbox

ISPs and E-mail providers are putting more and more obstacles in the deliverability of newsletters and e-marketing campaigns. Campaigns are often blocked, filtered to the spam box, filtered to the newsletter box, or delivered with the images "turned off". MDirector has a strong experience in...

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Start taking advantage of the full power of multichannel communication

Is your company using a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software to managing proposals, orders, sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory? If you are using a CRM all your contacts and prospects are probably hosted in your software. If you want to synchronize the data in your...

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