Why did you receive this email?

If you receive this email, it is because one of our clients is using the Technology Platform MDirector to send it to you. Via MDirector, our clients can manage all their email sending. The client itself is responsible of the data of its users and must have the consent of the users to send its emails. So, you are responsible of having authorized the reception of this email.

What is MDirector?

MDirector is a technology which offers to its clients a platform to manage their email, SMS or Social Media campaigns. Marketing Manager Servicios de Marketing SLU is property of MDirector.

What does MDirector do with your data?

MDirector access to your data only in order the Client can realize email sending to their recipients. This access is necessary so the client can use the platform, make sending, give support and manage un-subscriptions. In no case, MDirector collects any information related to you.

How does MDirector manage the un-subscriptions?

MDirector does not wish its platform to be used to send no desirable communications or spam. In order to respect this, an automate blockade system of email addresses is offered to the Client. If a recipient of an email message sent through MDirector wants to be un-subscribed of the emails of the Client, he will be able to do it by clicking on the field at the bottom of the email message sent.

MDirector is not responsible of the contents of the emails

MDirector is an Email, SMS and Social Media Marketing platform which allows its client to make sending of their communications. In any case, MDirector collects the data of the users, the communications received or any of their contents. MDirector does not supervise the content of these communications; verify the quality, exactitude, reliability, correction or morality of the data and contents the Client might send in their communications, whose sole responsibility is the Client.