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The tool that will help you transform your business, connect with your audience, boost your sales and optimize results in real time. Send emails and SMS, attract customers through personalized landing pages and automate all your marketing from one place. Let's get started?



Integrate text messaging in your multi-channel marketing to improve the performance of your CRM strategy.


The drag and drop landing page editor allows
you to create lead generation landings on the
fly and optimize via A/B testing.


Drop a cookie to the contacts in your database and retarget these on mobile and desktop. Programmatic buying tool integrated into the platform.

Cross-Channel Communication to build customer loyalty.
Mobile Marketing
With mobile text messeging you will easily increase the efficiency of your digital marketing campaigns. Open rates of scope of text messenging is close to 100%. Additionally, with our "Email SMS" you can enrich the mobile text with a link to a mobile optimized microsite or landing page Text messenging marketing is here to stay!
Communicate efficiently
Here to help you
You will finally have someone to help you with your marketing campaigns. Your doubts are our challenges.
Easy to use
Forget the technical jargon, Our tool does the job for you with little effort on your side, Communicate and build customer loyalty in order to increase the sales of your company.
All in one Tool
Stop worrying about having a different tool for each Marketing channel! Email, text messanging, Social Media, Display and Facebook retargeting in one platform.
MDirector has several plugins and integrations with leading web based platforms
Access the complete list of integrations and plugins
All you need to manage your Marketing campaigns

Plan when you send your email marketing campaign or newsletter

Need to send an email marketing campaign on Sunday or send your newsletter at 7am? You can avoid going to the office or connecting to the platform from home by programming email / newsletter campaigns with MDirector. Save time and easily manage your Email Marketing campaigns thanks to the Email... more information

Real time reporting for better decision making

Information is power, the power to improve. MDirector offers a complete real time graphic reporting system. The information available in the tool will allow you to detect opportunities and improve your email marketing return on investment. Some of the Reports that are accesible to all our... more information

Profile your users into lists and send targeted messages

MDirector is an Email Marketing platform, which allows you to host your database into different subscriber lists. Subsequently, you can manage, analyze and profile these lists by applying additional filters. You can manage your contacts in a flexible and efficient manner by structuring... more information

MDirector rates users from zero to five stars.

Mailbox providers and ISPs have become increasingly sophisticated in the way the decide which email marketing campaigns should be blocked, filtered to spam box, delivered without images, or delivered to inbox. Domain and IP reputation have become the "holy grail" of email marketers. But how do... more information
600.000.000 emails sent by our clients every month.