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25 April, 2017 by NewsMDirector
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More and more people are saying that Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools that companies have at their disposal to reach consumers. However, There are a number of factors that come into play when launching an email campaign so it is important that when designing one to work on it down to the smallest detail.

This involves making a lot of decisions about the content, the overall visual design, the tone of the communication, the title… Many aspects that, done in the right way will help the message to stand out in a saturated inbox and grab the user´s attention so that it will be read.

In this post we are going to give you some tips and advice that you can use in your Email Marketing campaigns complete with illustrated examples so that you can incorporate them more easily.

1.- Take care with the design

The visual aspect is very important, you have to take care with the header so that it is recognisable and related to the content, as well as making it as attractive and eye-catching as possible. Look how Expirit exploits the designs of their emails, showing their products in a fun and unconventional way that we are used to seeing compared to normal newsletters.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Expirit

2.- Work on the content

If the design is important, so too is the content. Do some research into the interests of your followers to see which are related to your company´s activities. Just Eat´s newsletter for example, not only sends offers to it´s subscribers but also articles and other interesting things.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Just-Eat

3.- Pay attention to the title

The title of the email is the first thing that the user sees when they receive an email and it is key in helping them decide whether they open it or not. Spend some time thinking about this and try to come up with something that will capture subscribers. For example, Lets Bonus always tries to produce a message that is fresh and in keeping with their consumer base.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: LetsBonus

4.- Think of the consumer and adapt to them

The more segmented your mailing list is and the more you adapt your message to each of these segments, the more effective your email Marketing campaigns will be. Therefore, personalisation is key to achieving the best results possible. Take Privalia for example, from time to time they send their customers emails with products they may like based on their interests and preferences.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Privalia

5.- Planning the call to action buttons

The call to action buttons in an email are very important, as it is the moment when a user decides that they want to go to your website in order to find out more information about the goods and services that you have to offer. For this reason it is important to plan how many call to action buttons you are going to have in your email and where you are going to place them. As you can see in the example below Pull&Bear only have one call to action button in orange that really stands out against the rest of the design, which is in black and white.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: PullandBear

6.- Creating a sense of urgency

Limited time offers work really well in Email marketing, as it is a good way of stimulating purchases as demonstrated in this email from Orange, which is specifically targeted towards online sales.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Orange

7.- Take advantage of important dates

Christmas, Valentine´s day, Father´s day……. All of these days are when people usually buy more and we can take full advantage of these dates in our Email marketing campaigns. Not only that, look how K-tuin used a global event like the Oscars for one of their special promotions.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: K-tuin

8.- Less is more

If you can say something in a sentence, why use a paragraph? It’s always important to know that most people don’t have that much time when looking at messages so sometimes less is more. As this example for Sangria Lola shows in order to tempt you to try their drink.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Lolea

9.- Using email to keep in contact with your subscribers

Not all businesses have the ability to send weekly promotional emails. However every brand should find a way to take advantage of email marketing, as it is a tool that allows us to keep our audience up to date. Our partners at Antevenio Rich&Rich send out a very successful monthly newsletter updating their users on the latest news of the platform and letting them know what’s happening in the office etc.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Rich&Reach

10.- Be original

The last piece of advice that we are going to give you: Be original and creative. Your campaigns should really stand out from the rest and grab the attention of the readers. There are a number of options available to you: show the information in an original way, work on the content, be innovative in the tone of communication or you could also take notes from ONO who used an adorable monster in their campaigns as a hook.

companies that are doing well in Email Marketing: Ono


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