10 examples of titles that work in Email Marketing

28 February, 2017 by NewsMDirector
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titles that work in Email Marketing

Before, when putting together an Email Marketing Campaign the focus used to centre on the message:  What you were going to say, where you were going to place the different content or what type of images you were going to use.

However, if you don’t get the user’s attention and they don´t open the message, focusing on all of the above makes little sense. Therefore, to make sure of that you only have one option: The subject or title of the email.

Never before has 50 characters (more specifically between 30 and 70 according to some published analysis) held so much importance. Just 2 seconds separate your Email Marketing campaign from either success or failure. Two seconds, is all it takes for a user to read the title of the email and make a decision on whether to open it or send it to the trash.

There is no magic wand that can guarantee opens, but common sense and studies show that there are phrases and expressions with more pull than others. You must take care when choosing each term and how it ties in with the overall context of the message.

Below are 10 examples of titles that work in Email Marketing that you can use to help increase your open rates:

1.- Would you like..?

Posing a question from the beginning gets the reader involved straight away and if the response is positive, there is a good chance that they will continue reading to see how to get the answer they were looking for.

  1. Would you like to get more readers for your emails?
  2. Do you want to increase your sales?

2.- Today, for the next 3 days, this week…

By establishing temporary time periods it creates a sense of urgency to do something. The subscriber understands that unless they take advantage of the offer within a set amount of time they will miss the opportunity. And no one likes to miss out on a great opportunity.

  1. Buy today and receive free shipping. First 50 customers only!
  2. Sale ends today, last chance to get 50% discount

3.- Sign up, take part, learn, create (or any other verbs that suggest action)

These kinds of terms encourage the reader to perform clear and direct actions without waiting.

  1. Sign up for our course of …
  2. Create your photo album with …

4.- Reasons why …

Creating curiosity always elicits the best attention from users. By using a title of this kind you will always keep the user wondering if they already know everything or if there is more that meets the eye.

  1. 5 reasons for using Email Marketing
  2. Do you know these 10 reasons for…?

5.- How

An easy and efficient way of raising expectations and getting users to keep reading is by starting with the word “How”. The reader expects to find the solutions to their problems or needs in the message, which will in turn increase the number of opens.

  1. How to get your cakes to rise like a professional
  2. How to increase your subscriber list

6.- Personalizing your target

You should really take advantage of personalising the email title; you can do it by adding the user´s name or, another personalised group that you have segmented in your database. Only then will the person belonging to the group feel truly involved.

  1. Everything a lawyer should know about …
  2. [Name], have you seen the new…

7.- Keyword

Does it make any sense to work on a list of keywords and not use them in all of the elements that you have at your disposal? Also, using keywords in the title of your bulk mailings is the first step in achieving the conversion of the user and taking them to a landing page that contains the same keywords.

  1. Create your best Email Marketing campaigns with MDirector
  2. Internet headlines that are right for your marketing strategy

8.- Statistical Data or Numbers

We love numbers and statistics that prove things; our minds assimilate this kind of information much faster so if you have any type of data like this, use it!

  1. 80% of people don´t know that…
  2. 10 examples of titles that work in Email Marketing

9.- The Brand

Every company wants the name of their brand to be in their client´s, both real and potential, minds at all times. That is why it is important to keep showing the name of the brand. Repeating it in the title and throughout the email that you send will build confidence and let the user know exactly where the message has come from.

  1. Breakfast with Thermomix
  2. Landing Optimizer, your platform for creating effective landing pages

10.- Tricks

Curiosity piques our interests as does finding fast and easy solutions to all of our problems. That`s why the word “trick” holds a special power of attraction over us as long as it´s true and the trick works.

  1. The best Kitchen tricks
  2. The Photoshop tricks which are good to know

Finally, it is vitally important that the content matches the expectations set out in the title of the email. If your title grabs the attention but then the messages falls flat and has nothing to do with the content, you will have wasted a great opportunity, as the user probably won´t open any of your future messages. Once bitten twice shy!


Would you like to try any of these examples and see which work best for your business? Create your campaign using MDirector’s Email Marketing Software in just a few seconds.

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