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Create dynamic and optimized landing pages for lead generation

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With Landing Optimizer, the MDirector Lead Generation landing Page Tool you will easily create optimized landing pages in a few minutes for desktop and mobile, without technical knowledge.

Radically increase your visit to lead conversion rate

Have you ever wondered how much better a landing page you created would perform if you changed the text in the signup button from "register now" to "subscribe now"? Maybe you would get a 10% lift in conversion rate, or maybe you would not. Who knows? The easiest way to know is empirical testing:...

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"Mobile first approach" to landing page optimization

Did you know that more than 60% of the visits to a landing page tend to come from mobile devices? If you want to make sure your landing pages convert you will need to adapt these so all users can correctly access the content, from a desktop and mobile. Landing pages tend to be more...

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Templates designed by the best

Building a “best of the class” performing landing page is not a simple task. It is especially true if are not an experienced designer / coder of performance oriented landing pages. In order to assist the less experienced, or busier clients of Mdirector Landing Optimizer, we have designed a...

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Build beautiful optimized landing pages

Build spectacular landing pages even without a designer and with no need to involve a developer in the process. Our intuitive tool makes creating landing pages easy by dragging elements (texts, images, form) to your design and by modifying them as you wish. The landing pages Drag & Drop editor...

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