Bulk text messaging Platform

Complement your emailing strategy with Text Messaging Marketing

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With the MDirector Text Messaging Marketing software you will be able to communicate and increase the customer loyalty wherever they are, through bulk text messages sent to their cellular phones.

Talk to your client and prospect on all channels: email, mobile, social and web display

A database is a collection of information that is organized so that it can easily be accessed, managed, and updated. Client and/or prospect database hosted in standard ESPs (email service providers) generally include: Information provided in the opt-in registration form Behavioral...

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Load contacts, write a brief text and send: Real easy!

More than 95% of text messages are read within minutes of being received. That's the power of mobile marketing, and  MDirector is a powerful mobile marketing platform. Sign up Load your contacts Add a text Buy some credits Send and access our real time reporting...

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Information is power. Power is improving with information.

Analyzing how our users react to campaigns and benchmarking the data with previous campaigns is essential in order to improve our return on investment in mobile text marketing. MDirector offers real time reports that will allow marketers to quickly analyze and compare text messaging campaigns....

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Increase conversion rates by adressing your client by his/her name

The mobile phone is undoubtedly the most personal device a consumer uses today. Mobile text marketing, targeted to such a personal device, has unrivaled open and conversion rates when used by experienced marketers. Experienced mobile marketers know that mobile communication has to...

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Take full advantage of the power of text messanging on smartphones

Smartphones have changed the world, and they have also changed the way marketers use SMS text messaging. Traditionally , SMS marketing campaigns were 160 character plain text communications. Today these are still 160 character communications, but they include something new: a link. Mobile...

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Your messages, delivered on time

Bulk SMS text messaging is an exceptionally efficient way to communicate real time information or last minute offers. Consumers read their text messages immediately when they are received, compared to email which is often only checked a few times a day or even per week. If you need to, for...

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