10 Fantastic email templates

24 October, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Creating emails can either be a laborious task or quick and easy, especially if you know how to do it. That´s why, Email Marketing templates are the ideal solution for putting together and highlighting your content while saving you hours…

20 examples of Email Subject lines that work well in Email Marketing

17 October, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Using subject lines that work in email marketing is one of the keys to your messages achieving their desired results. It’s entirely possible that you have the perfect content, an incredible design and call to action that doesn’t leave…

10 ideas for creating promotional emails

10 October, 2017 by NewsMDirector

  Email is a tool that allows not only a direct and regular relationship between businesses and the consumers but also the sending of commercial communications that could be of interest to the receiver. The success of our campaigns depends…

10 tips for creating great newsletters

26 September, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Newsletters are a great way of maintaining a direct and fluid communication between a company and its audience, but there are a number of factors that we have to take into account when putting them together before they even reach…

6 objectives that you can achieve with Email Marketing

19 September, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Email marketing is one of the cornerstones of digital communication for any company and an indispensable tool for achieving the targets set out in your online email marketing campaigns. There are companies that still centre their actions on traditional marketing…

5 email subjects that will provoke opens

29 August, 2017 by NewsMDirector

A bulk email campaign  starts with a powerful subject. There are a number of examples of email subjects that are very effective in convincing the user to open the message and, in turn read its content. A good subject…

10 Registration confirmation emails

22 August, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Confirmation emails are the first line of official communication that a business has with a client once they have registered. The main aim of these emails is to give a good introduction to the client and they should also give

7 examples of welcome emails that increase conversions

15 August, 2017 by NewsMDirector

Welcome emails are messages that are sent to users who register for a service, buy a product or download a file. In order for them to do this, it is necessary to fill out a form. That’s why creating welcome

10 companies that are doing well in Email Marketing

25 April, 2017 by NewsMDirector

More and more people are saying that Email Marketing is one of the most effective tools that companies have at their disposal to reach consumers. However, There are a number of factors that come into play when launching an email…

3 examples of forms that will help you capture subscribers

11 April, 2017 by NewsMDirector

The form is a fundamental part of recruiting subscribers in any digital marketing strategy as it is the point where the users will decide whether to sign up to what is being offered or simply leave. For this reason it…

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