5 examples of product landing pages

9 May, 2017 by NewsMDirector
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product landing page: Space Monkey

From pages whose main objectives are to sell, to others that are designed to simply present products and maintain brand loyalty, etc. There are a plethora of landing pages out there to suit everyone’s tastes.

What are sales landing pages? What characteristics should they have? Can any kind of business have a sales landing page?

Here are 5 examples of product landing pages that show how these kinds of web pages work, which we think you will be interested in:

1.- Sales Landing pages: Apple

product landing pages: Apple

Apple are experts at selling products. The brand from Cupertino has a very clear and direct image and even though their devices are incredibly well known, their landing page is simply a catalogue of their best selling products.

Apple never misses an opportunity to sell their Ipad, iMac, iPhone, iWatch and the rest of their products containing the Apple logo. Their products are sold based on the simplicity and clarity of the images, focussing on showing the beauty and functionality of the devices to generate a high consumer need, which is an important CTA.

2.- Netflix

product landing pages: Netflix

Netflix is an online platform where you can watch T.V series and films and has one of the most aggressive landing pages when it comes to selling a product.

Netflix makes it´s money by selling monthly subscriptions to its website, for €7.99 a month you can enjoy unlimited access to all of its content. Its landing page is all about selling the product from the moment you arrive, pointing out the benefits and advantages of signing up as well as offering the most enticing offer out there, a free trial!

3.- Iberia

landing pages de venta : Iberia

The airline company Iberia´s landing page is an example of a website where every element is designed to sell the product.

Iberia knows the pulling power that a cheap flight can have, highlighting the incredible offers that you can get by flying with them at every opportunity.

4.- Amazon

product landing pages: Amazon

Amazon is one of the biggest online retailers and so naturally its landing page is highly sales orientated. Unlike Iberia, Amazon doesn’t need to make their prices stand out unless it is to specifically signal that they´re offering you a fantastic offer in a sale.

Amazon also puts a small selection of their best selling products on the home page, which is another incentive for you to buy their products.

5.- MDirector

product landing pages: MDirector

MDirector, the most powerful and efficient Email Marketing and Marketing Automation platform on the market, is the perfect example of how to sell goods or services through a landing page by only having to point out the benefits of using the product.

MDirector doesn’t show prices, it offers information. What are the benefits of using our product? What areas does it work in? MDirector, like Netflix, also offers a free trial as well as including an introductory video to get to know the company and its services.

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