I have a lot of cookies, now what?

4 July, 2017 by NewsMDirector
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what to do with cookies

It’s likely that at some point you have added a cookie to each user in your database and then thought: “what now?” Well, if you ever find yourself in the situation where you don’t know what to do with the cookies, don’t worry because today we are going to give you some clues to help you solve the unknown.

Cookies are small files that contain information related to a website, an ad or email. They are stored in the user´s browser and they can extract information about their activity.

Cookies have various functions. They can store the user´s navigation preferences, collect statistical information or get data about navigation habits and web history. So when you accept cookies from a website, you are accepting an analysis of all your movements, which is a treasure for every brand.

From a technical perspective, the cookies allow the websites to run faster and give their users what they want. That’s not all, if you don´t know what to do with cookies, you should at least know that they are used to optimize your website thanks to their statistics, and this will help you to get more leads in your site, the social networks or with your ads.

What to do with cookies? All about how they work

what to do with cookies

Adding a cookie to each user of your database will bring you a great value. This will let you to add new channels where you will be able to communicate with your users and potential clients. You will capture this clients on your website and the social networks.

The way they work is simple. The moment a user arrives at your website a text file is generated, this way, when the same user visits your website again or goes to other websites, they will leave a record of their actions.

Later we will tell you all about what cookies can do to help you but first the main objective is to know how the users behave in order to show them the right information for their interests.

Types of cookies

There are a number of different types of cookies and all of them have fixed roles, that’s why we recommend analysing which cookies will work best for your needs:

  • Session cookies: Like the names suggests they are activated when a user logs into a website and deactivated when they log out. They are useful for storing information after you have signed in such as passwords, products in your shopping cart, etc.
  • Persistent cookies: They are cookies that are stored on users hard drive until they expire. They are designed to collect specific data on the navigation habits of users on your website.
  • Safe cookies: they only act through encrypted navigations. They will help you to send information securely.
  • Third-party cookies: They store information about the website and subsequently deliver ads from inside and outside of an initial landing page. Actually these types of cookies are the most attractive when advertisers are looking for conversions.


Retargeting is a powerful tool for optimizing the 3rd party cookies

Terms of programmatic buying: Cookies

Retargeting is an online advertising model that looks for the users that have at some time shown an interest in your website in order to encourage them to come back. It’s a subtle way of reminding them that you still exist while they are surfing the web away from your site.

The process starts with the cookie installation that it will mark the user so they can start being tracked. Retargeting will help you when the user has abandoned their shopping basket so that they come back and finish the process. That is why retargeting, or remarketing as Google calls it, is essential as a second opportunity to generate conversions.

Usually the best practices for retargeting are to deliver impacts in different phases so as not to overwhelm the user. If you do saturate the user, your campaign won´t work. Sending the right and necessary amount of messages is the key to achieving success through retargeting.

Although the best way to get the most out of the cookies is working with platforms that can manage all of them and all their functionalities so they don´t only focus on your website and they can also help to define what to do with the cookies.

What to do with cookies so that they impact users on more channels

One of the tools that can help you with this is CRM Retargeting. It allows you to add a cookie to each of the users in your database and communicate with them in various ways while they surf the web or on mobile devices.

Once you have a certain number of users marked with a cookie you can then start impacting them and guiding your display campaigns based on the information and data that you receive.

One dilemma regarding what to do with cookies lies in the way in which they can be used. What CRM retargeting software does is increase your communications in other channels, in fact the benefit of this is that it will help you capture leads and convert them to customers. Although this will happen the moment the users come to your landing page, even when they don’t register.

With MDirector CRM Retargeting you will be able to ensure that your messages reach all of your customers. In order to do this, you must first activate the new service that automatically incorporates a cookie to each user that registers in your database. You can also add cookies to the users who have landed on your landing page but have not registered giving you the option of differentiating your registered users from potential leads.

There are various strategies that you can adopt using MDirector´s software to increase your sales:

  1. Retargeting occasional clients to make yourself known.
  2. Target active visitors who have visited your products page.
  3. Target those customers who abandoned their shopping cart.
  4. Retargeting those who have already completed a purchase.
  5. Target those who haven´t bought anything for a long time in order to get them back.

Therefore, if you do not know what to do with your cookies, you can look at the options in a retargeting strategy to get some ideas. Taking into account what your main goal is and therefore, what segment you want to target.

Another capability that MDirector CRM retargeting has is the ability to identify the subscribers of your email marketing campaigns. By adding HTML code to your newsletters, it allows you to reach users while they surf the web even if they haven’t opened your email message.

The benefits of retargeting

Now that you know what you can do with cookies, we will now show you the benefits that you can get from using them. It’s all about increasing your conversions considerably. In fact, using this technique will help you achieve the following improvements as long as you use it effectively:

  • You will ensure that each and every user receives the right impact and also know who you are targeting at all times.
  • The retargeting works on the cookies that you have placed in the users of your database, who are in there because they have shown an interest in your business, which guarantees that the recipients will be interested in the messages that they receive.
  • Impact the right place and at the right time. The MDirector software works after the visitors leave the website and therefore it becomes one of the best techniques for bringing the user back to their abandoned shopping cart.
  • It will also allow you to launch personalized impacts. The retargeting CRM ads are segmented to achieve greater rewards. That way, a user will only be impacted with ads related to their interests and not with any old product or service.
  • Digital advertising campaigns work on a preliminary planning of the channels, which are going to launch the ads. Retargeting knows how to use cookies and will follow known users regardless of their subsequent browsing. It doesn’t really matter which websites the users have been surfing, what does matter is if something captures their attention.
  • It’s a very powerful tool to help increase loyalty in old customers.

Real-time analytics


One of the great advantages of learning what to do with cookies and putting it into practice is that you will get real-time analytics to help make decisions about your ads.

In the reports, you can get information from the most common ratios like CTR, CPM, or CPC and also find out exactly which one of the messages that you have created achieves the greatest number of conversions. You can even identify the total expenditure of the actions that you have undertaken.

In short, Retargeting CRM will show you what to do with cookies, help you get the most out of your database and optimize the results of your digital marketing campaigns.

The MDirector Retargeting CRM is the only platform that allows you to add a cookie to each user in your database and communicate with them while they surf the desktop and mobile devices. Try us today!

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